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Welcome to SATO Vicinity -
A Global Leader in RFID Technology

Patient Safety is what we do with our robust RFID

A complete vein-to-vein PJM RFID Blood Safety Solution

Trusted by world’s top implant suppliers and hospitals

Are you a document sufferer?

RFID is not the hardest thing in this world Leave it to us -
We know how to cut it

About SATO Vicinity

Established in 2013 by SATO Holdings Corporation, SATO Vicinity Pty. Ltd. was formed as a new entity for the business acquired from Magellan Technology. ‘Vicinity’ refers to near field contactless radio frequency communication technology including, but not limited to, PJM RFID. It also represents SATO’s unchanging attitude – standing by the customer.

Leveraging Magellan’s 30 years of experience being at the forefront of the research and development of RFID solutions, SATO Vicinity’s business focus is not only to provide high performance and robust RFID solutions to Healthcare markets which place 100% accuracy and reliable performance in demanding environments their top priorities but also seamless support and service to customers worldwide.

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Latest Highlights

SATO Provides Traceability Solution to Thai DNT, Boosting Accuracy, Productivity and Supply Chain Visibility

Product Solution Others

Reduction of manual processes drives efficiencies; Connected data from sourcing to finished goods provides accurate record of production process

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60th Anniversary of the SATO Hand Labeler

Product Corporate

SATO, a global pioneer in auto-ID and labeling solutions, marks the 60th consecutive year of sale of its longest running product—the hand labeler.

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SATO Introduces S84/86NX Smart Print Engines for Labeling Automation


SATO, a global pioneer in auto-ID and labeling solutions, launched the S84NX (4-inch) and S86NX (6-inch) line of smart print engines in Southeast Asia...

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