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PJM RFID Document Management Products

Do you often find yourself spending a lot of time trying to look for a document? Searching high & low through stacks of archive files and cabinets just for a document?

Important documents such as legal documents, signed contracts, wills & deeds are usually made up of numerous pages and the volume grows on a daily basis. Ideally, documents such as these should be stored securely and be readily accessible as & when required. Employees should also have visibility in the file access history of these critical documents.

Utilising PJM RFID Stacktags® which require only paper-thin separation and high-performance Readers, SATO VICINITY‚Äôs Document Management Products will be able to read and write tags in stacked documents quickly and easily, enabling fast and accurate tracking of documents around the office.


Key Benefits

  • Bulk reading of tagged documents requiring only paper-thin separation
  • Read and write reliably to tightly stacked, overlapping or touching tags
  • Easily locate any document any time
  • Reduction in downtime searching for documents
  • Generate audit trail reports to show track of document
  • Minimise possibility of misplacing or losing documents
  • Save time and improve work productivity

Applicable Products


PJM Desktop Reader Series: MDOCR-2505

The MDOCR-2505 Document Tray Reader is designed to be able to read and write incoming and outgoing documents and track them anywhere within your organization.


PJM Tunnel Reader Series: MSTRP-4040

The MSTRP-4040 Tunnel Reader is designed for use where large number of RFID-tagged items require identification and tracking quickly and accurately. With an aperture of 400x400mm, it easily fits archive boxes full of tagged documents.


PJM RFID-enabled Cabinet

SATO Vicinity's PJM RFID-enabled Cabinet is designed to provide you real-time information of your documents' location and movements as well as records of by who, when and what document is removed or replaced. It not only improves your business process, save you from potential loss of critical documents but also offer you a peace of mind knowing that your documents are safely kept where they should be.


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