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PJM Orbit® - RFID Medical Device Loan-kit Management Solution for Suppliers

PJM Orbit®  consolidates your loan kit booking system, preference management, kit dispatch, return reconciliation and usage reporting, all into one solution. > read more

PJM Assure

PJM Assure® - RFID Medical Device Loan-kit Management Solution for Hospitals

PJM Assure® system is a medical implant tracking solution that delivers profound process efficiencies to improve the loan kit processes in hospitals. It is a tried, tested and proven solution delivering positive outcomes to hospitals for better management of loan kit receipt and return. > read more

Storage cabinet

PJM RFID-enabled Cabinets - New Way of Managing your Consignment Inventory

SATO VICINITY's PJM RFID-enabled Cabinet delivers unprecedented real-time inventory accuracy and accountability in a simple, interactive package that can improve operations while it delivers accuracy.
> read more


PJM RFID Vein-to-Vein Blood Tracking

PJM RFID is entirely unaffected by blood. PJM RFID's high speed, reliability of operation and 100% accuracy are fully maintained for blood tracking. > read more