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Leading diamond certification organization improves diamond tracking and traceability with advanced RFID from Magellan Technology

23 Oct 2009

Sydney, Australia – 23 October, 2009 – Magellan Technology‟s Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has been successfully deployed at the HRD Antwerp Institute of Gemmology in Antwerp, Belgium.

Scanology BV, a Magellan Technology system integrator delivered a Diamond Identification and Traceability system using Magellan Technology‟s RFID Phase Jitter Modulation (PJM) platform combined with its inventory management software to deliver total traceability of all diamonds in the HRD Diamond Certification Lab and improve operational efficiency.

The system has delivered 100 per cent automatic tracking of diamond passing through HRD‟s diamond certification system, on time and on budget.

HRD Antwerp NV is one of the world‟s leading Diamond Certification Institutes of Gemmology and is dedicated to serving diamond professionals by offering products and services that benefit the diamond industry and trade.

For over 30 years HRD Antwerp has offered high-quality solutions, a highly reputable lab, as well as extensive in-house expertise and experience.

Magellan Technology is an Australian technology company that has been developing High Frequency (HF) RFID technology for over 20 years for the jewellery, healthcare and casino markets.

One of its key offerings - the PJM Stacktag™ is a unique RFID tag that allows tagged items to be identified at very high speeds even when they are closely stacked with near zero separation.

Used in combination with a range of inlays, readers and printers, PJM Stacktag™ is most suited to applications which require very fast automated, bulk reading of small items such as diamonds.

“PJM‟s exceptional speed and total reliability make it the system of choice to meet the stringent requirements of the diamond industry,” Richard Rees, President of Scanology said. “The PJM Stacktag™ concept delivers immediate and massive value to diamond traders, enabling their own staff to take fast, error-free stock takes on a frequent basis.

“We believe Magellan Technology„s PJM RFID data capture solution offers the best possible RFID technology for our software platform as it is highly reliability and is compliant with the international Standard ISO 18000 Part 3 Mode 2,” he said.

It provides a total solution for 100 per cent identification, counting, stock-taking and process control, suitable for rapid deployment across HRD‟s operations.

The package successfully works across the multiple platforms without loss of speed.

Jewellers and diamond wholesalers of all sizes also stand to benefit from Magellan Technology‟s unique approach to RFID according to Roger Webber, Global Sales and Marketing Manager at Magellan Technology.

“Our PJM RFID technology allows organisations handling precious stones to manage their high value stock with complete traceability, security and confidence.

“The PJM StackTag™ can reliably identify items in fast-moving, dynamic situations even when hundreds of RFID tags are stacked with nearly zero physical separation,” Mr Webber said.

About HRD Antwerp NV

HRD Antwerp NV is the subsidiary of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), the private foundation formerly known as the Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD). HRD Antwerp operates six services: Diamond Lab, the first ISO-certified diamond lab, which issues one of the world‟s most respected diamond certificates; Precious Stones Lab; Education; Graduates Club; Equipment and Research. HRD Antwerp - Diamond Lab is NBN EN ISO/IEC 17025 - certified.

About Magellan Technology

Magellan Technology Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia, is a technology developer, manufacturer and licensor of advanced read and write 13.56 MHz RFID systems. Magellan designs builds and offers a comprehensive range of advanced RFID products based on Magellan‟s unique Phase Jitter Modulation (PJM) technology. PJM complies with the International Standard‟s Organisation and the International Electrotechnical Commission‟s standard ISO/IEC 18000 Part 3 Mode 2. PJM products are optimized for very high speed identification and authentication applications where many hundreds of tagged articles such as poker chips, medical implants and other valuable items are stacked tightly together or need to be identified rapidly and 100% reliably in dynamic situations where tags are presented in high volume and in any orientation. Magellan develops, licenses and sells its PJM technology and business solutions worldwide.