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2 September 2010

Magellan’s PJM RFID Technology Implemented in Blood Tracing Project in Italy

The Azienda Ospedaliera Spedali Civili in Brescia (Italy) has developed a tracing system based on RFID technologies in relation to security and service levels regarding the entire transfusion process. The firm, in collaboration with the RFID Solution Center of Milan Politecnico and in partnership with Astir’s and Sait’s Italian specialists, has embarked on a project which, through the usage of RFID tags, permits an excellent protection of the entire transfution process, from donation and sample taking to the final fate of a unit.

After much testing the results have clearly shown that the only technology capable of obtaining good performance in critical cases, such as the overlapping of empty bags or the large amount of tags to be read, is the International Standard ISO/IEC 18000 Part 3 Mode 2. mode2, the RFID division of Sait, as Italian distribution partner of Magellan Technology, providing ISO/IEC 18000 Part 3 Mode 2 RFID products and related integration services and development of the mobile components.

This project of the Spedali Civili di Brescia, won second place in the category Projects of Social and Environmental Relevance at the RFID Italia Award 2010, and has further demonstrated the validity and the sustainable practice of the RFID technologies.


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