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7 February 2011

Magellan Technology releases its next-gen Adaptive Tuning Mars Reader Series

Magellan Technology Pty Ltd of Sydney (Magellan), supplier of the world’s fastest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, has rolled out the next generation of Multi-Antenna Reader Systems (MARS) with Adaptive Tuning capabilities.

Where previously, users were required to manually tune antennas, the tuning process for the AT Series Readers is now automated and is managed by Magellan’s ReaderManager Software. Antennas will only require tuning at initial setup and the AT Series Reader’s can compensate for the effects of antenna detuning due to a change in its environment, and even alert the user should an antenna ever become detuned beyond the reader’s bounds.

Magellan’s CEO Roger Webber said “This major upgrade to Magellan’s flagship MARS products means better performance and easier installation and maintenance for end users, even with existing standard antennas. When the MARS-AT readers are combined with our next generation 3D antennas, the need for manual tuning is eliminated all together. This upgrade is another step forward for Magellan’s world class range of readers. We’re very proud of the work our engineers do to provide the world’s leading RFID technology..”


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