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3 September 2013

Australian hospitals adopt PJM RFID on a big scale

Australian orthopaedic implant suppliers have long led the world in the adoption of RFID for supply chain management. With Smith & Nephew, Lima and Biomet recently joining Zimmer, Depuy Synthes and Stryker using PJM RFID as a key technology in their loan kit operations, around 80% of loan kit implants being delivered to hospitals in Australia are now tracked with PJM RFID.

In 2010 Magellan showcased the concept of Hospitals using PJM RFID to resolve the substantial challenges facing hospitals in the management of loan kits. The Magellan solution was enthusiastically received by the hospitals and a Pilot across 3 hospitals with the Victorian Department of Health was soon under way. Since 2010, and despite the financial constraints within the healthcare industry, Magellan's PJM Assure® Loan Kit Management System has been adopted by nearly 70 hospitals in Australia, with the first installation in a New Zealand hospital at Waikato Hospital to go live soon.

PJM Assure® has been adopted by Public and Private hospitals alike, with around 50% of the hospital market adopting PJM Assure® in the last 3 years. NSW Department of Health implemented PJM Assure® for 42 major public hospitals performing orthopaedic surgery in NSW, while Ramsay Health Care and Healthecare both completed Pilots in early 2013 and have already started implementing PJM Assure® in their hospitals.

PJM RFID has become the defacto technology standard in the ANZ region for RFID implant tracking, with support from Federal and State authorities.

PJM RFID offers real benefits to the entire implant supply chain, with key tasks now performed in minutes, not hours. It is not just the big labour savings though, as PJM RFID solutions for the implant suppliers and hospitals has virtually eliminated shipping errors and dramatically reduced administration and disputes associated with the management and reconciliation of implants used for each surgical procedure. A 90%+ reduction in administrative inquiries is quoted to us by our customers.

The Australian orthopaedic loan kit market is a showcase to the world on how the right technology applied in the right way across a supply chain can provide real benefits to the implant suppliers, hospitals,staff, surgeons and patients with the right implants at the right place at the right time.


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