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29th Regional Congress of the ISBT (International Society of Blood Transfusion)

Visit SATO at booth U104 to see our latest PJM RFID Solutions for Transfusion Medicine. PJM RFID is an open ISO standard (ISO18000-3 Mode 2) available in the public domain and compliant with the Vox Sanguinis Guidelines for RFID.PJM RFID was specifically designed for 3D high speed operation with bulk and stacked items in dynamic environments. Extensively used in healthcare throughout Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Europe for sterile implant tracking by the top 5 orthopedic suppliers and more than 100 top orthopedic hospitals.

PJM offers an exceptional RFID capability with connectivity to existing process software providing 100% accuracy without the need to replace any existing process software or refrigeration appliances.

Achieve all the benefits of RFID whilst simplifying your work practices and ensuring patient safety. PJM is the only RFID technology that you don’t have to work around.

  • Learn how PJM RFID can provide fully automated tracking of all unit movements. Leverage PJM RFID technology to accurately track blood transported between donation centers, blood banks and hospitals
  • PJM RFID / IoT Blood Fridges and Freezers
    Learn how you can gain unattended real-time 24/7 visibility, from anywhere in the world, of your blood products and supplies using these PJM RFID / IoT Blood Fridges and Freezers
  • Learn how SATO can retro-fit PJM RFID to your existing fridges and freezers without compromising their holding capacity
  • Learn how SATO can retro-fit PJM RFID to your existing cold rooms and freezer rooms without compromising their holding capacity
  • PJM RFID / IoT Trolleys
    Our PJM RFID Trolleys deliver unprecedented unattended real-time inventory accuracy and accountability in mobile storage in any environment including cold and freezer rooms
  • Learn how PJM RFID delivers real-time visibility of all types of Urgent and Routine pathology samples. Close the loop on your transfusion sample visibility

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